Not to be outdone …


Barely 12 hours after we posted Obama’s letter saying the U.S. should block any Security Council resolution that fails to mention attacks against Israel, John McCain sent a letter to Condoleezza Rice saying more or less the same thing.

Dear Madam Secretary:

The United Nations Security Council resumed today its discussions regarding a compromise statement that would address the situation in Gaza. As you know, UN statements have often served as platforms for rhetorical attacks against Israel by various member states. I urge you to ensure that this pattern does not repeat itself.

The United States should oppose any UN statement or resolution that fails to condemn vociferously the terrorist tactics employed by Hamas, including its rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. For the Security Council to address the humanitarian situation in Gaza without reference to the Israeli security situation would constitute a failure of responsibility.

Hamas, which rules Gaza, has committed itself to the destruction of the Jewish state and has conducted hundreds of rocket attacks against Israel in recent days. After Israel resumed fuel supplies to the Gaza power plant yesterday and electricity was restored, rockets continued to fall on civilian areas in Israel.

The United Nations charter, which makes clear the inherent right of self-defense against armed attacks, applies to all states – including the State of Israel. In the face of continued violence by Hamas, Israel has taken steps to guarantee its security. I urge you to ensure that the Security Council recognizes Israel’s right to do so and condemns Hamas for its continued campaign of violence against innocent civilians.


John McCain
U.S. Senator

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