More of Gaza border fence wrecked


Hundreds of Palestinians streamed into Egypt after another section of the Rafah border fence was wrecked.

Despite a heavy Egyptian police presence, Palestinians managed to squeeze through openings in the border fence Friday after a bulldozer knocked down a concrete slab, The Associated Press reported.

The border breach follows a larger one on Wednesday, when Palestinians destroyed large sections of the border wall, allowing tens of thousands to stream into Egypt where they restocked on supplies. Gazans have been short on key provisions since Israel tightened closure of the Strip due to Palestinian rocket fire.

Meanwhile, Hamas threatened a massive march on the Erez border crossing into Israel, in northern Gaza.

“The next time there is a crisis in the Gaza Strip, Israel will have to face half a million Palestinians who will march toward Erez,” said Ahmed Youssef, a senior Hamas official, according to the Jerusalem Post. “This is not an imaginary scenario and many Palestinians would be prepared to sacrifice their lives.”

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