Ann Lewis: The (Jewish) case for Hillary


Top Clinton adviser Ann Lewis is out with a memo aimed at convincing Jewish voters that there is a big difference between her boss and Barack Obama:

With elections next Tuesday in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont, I want to give you an update on recent developments, on issues important to our community and some significant differences between the candidates.

Standing up to anti-Semitism in the world. This week, Hillary announced that as President she will not allow the next UN Conference on Racism scheduled for 2009 to devolve into a forum for Israel-bashing and open hatred and bigotry as it did just a few years ago in Durban.

“As President I pledge to resolutely fight all efforts to inject anti-Semitism, hatred and discrimination onto the agenda of Durban II… and will lead a boycott of the conference should current efforts to rein in the forces of hatred fail.” Hillary said “We must not accept, condone or participate in a conference that can be hijacked by an agenda of hatred, and we must work strenuously to ensure that our friends do not do so either.”

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Taking on anti-Semitism here at home: At the Democratic Presidential Debate this week in Cleveland, Barack Obama was asked by Moderator Tim Russert about Louis Farrakhan’s expression of support for his candidacy, noting that the Nation of Islam leader had often made anti-Semitic comments and referred to Judaism as a “gutter religion.” Senator Obama initially said that Farrakan’s anti-Semitic remarks were “unacceptable and reprehensible,” adding “I did not solicit this support.”

As the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported, Hillary urged him to go further, pointing to her own experience in New York, when she rejected the support of a political party whose leaders had made anti-Semitic comments:

“Clinton said that although she believed Obama was sincere, “we’ve got to be even stronger.” Obama then responded , “I’m happy to concede the point. And I would reject and denounce.” Clinton said, “Excellent,” spurring the biggest applause of the evening.

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A different approach to foreign policy. While Senator Obama has said that he would meet with dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in his first year as President “without preconditions,” Hillary disagrees. She understands that our national security is better served by vigorous, effective diplomacy that does not immediately offer meetings with the President of the United States.

While Senator Obama has not held even one hearing of the subcommittee he chairs as member of the Foreign Relations Committee – a subcommittee which could be examining such important issues as the conditions of NATO in Afghanistan – Hillary Clinton has been an active, responsible member of the Armed Services Committee, sponsoring legislation that has made a real difference for our troops.

See the attached clip of the CNN story about this:

We are proud of the dozens of Jewish members of Congress, leaders of national Jewish organizations, and Jewish policymakers and opinion leaders who support Hillary Clinton for President. They agree that in this critical election with so much at stake, Hillary is the candidate who deserves our support!

Ann F. Lewis

Senior Advisor, Hillary Clinton for President

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