Harold Ford Jr. defends Obama


I mentioned the other day that we have the odd development of the Republican National Committee, which two years ago aired an ad in Tennessee implying that Harold Ford Jr. slept around with white women, criticizing the state GOP for a recent press release that critics say was meant to imply that Obama is a Muslim. The statement also asserted that Obama would be bad for Israel.

Now Ford, who has attracted support from pro-Israel donors throughout his career, has an op-ed slamming the statement and vouching for Obama on Israel and fighting anti-Semitism:

Obama has been one of Israel’s strongest allies during his time in the Senate. He is strongly committed to the stability and preservation of Israel and has used his membership on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to advance this cause. In addition, he has fought against the scourge of Anti-Semitism throughout his public life, most recently rejecting and denouncing the hate-filled ideology of Minister Louis Farrakhan at the presidential debate … last week.

(Hat tip: Politico)

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