Obama’s pastor takes center stage


A few weeks ago during a meeting with Jewish leaders in Cleveland, Barack Obama attempted to downplay controversial comments made by his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, comparing the clergyman to an “old uncle” prone to making cringe-inducing comments.

He’s also said that he doesn’t think his church is “particularly controversial.”

Apparently the national media disagrees. Two major television news outlets have tackled the story in the past 48 hours. [UPDATE: Plus an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.]

ABC News has a video segment and an article on the topic. The broadcast segment has clips of sermons in which Wright says that blacks should sing “God damn America,” describes 9/11 as a case of the chickens coming home to roost and accuses the United States of supporting “state terrorism against the Palestinians.”

Fox News has a story, along with a video of one of the pastor’s sermons.

ABC News has its own video and written coverage.

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