Tidbits: Obama’s pastor & plenty of other stuff


A Ha’aretz writer makes the case for John McCain.

John McCain reaches out to a clergyman who once said that the Jews “brought the judgment of God upon themselves and their land” by rejecting Jesus.

Dana Milbank reports on a candidates forum at a gathering of the United Jewish Communities – and concludes that Obama’s representative faced the toughest time. (Plus some video of McCain’s representative criticizing the Religious Right.)

Former U.S. ambassador to Israel asks Jewish crowd if they would want to be judged by everything their rabbi said.

The story behind JewsforObama.net.

Andrew Sullivan
explains why Obama’s relationship with his pastor is a good thing.

Theologian Jeff Sharlet takes a stab at explaining Jeremiah Wright by reflecting on the biblical prophet by the same name.

A contributor to the liberal HuffingtonPost blog offers Obama some advice on how to win over Jewish old ladies in Boca Raton.

A Jewish writer explains why his Christian relatives in Texas will never vote for Obama.

Daniel Pipes says Jeremiah Wright was channeling Malcolm X.

Ira Forman recalls how he learned never to underestimate Howard Metzenbaum.

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