No good mitzvah…


In the you try to do a Mitzvah and WaPo’s Dana Milbank screws you department…

Here’s a snippet from a column Tuesday about a campaign forum in front of a Jewish audience in DC:

A group of Jewish leaders announced that it was having a public meeting yesterday to discuss the 2008 presidential election. Representing John McCain: former secretary of state Lawrence Eagleburger. Representing Hillary Clinton: former White House official Ann Lewis. Representing Barack Obama: “a high-level representative of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign (TBA).”
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TBA? Obama’s Jewish problem must be getting worse.

Finally, TBA was ID’d: Princeton professor Dan Kurtzer, a former ambassador to Israel. And when the victim, er, high-level representative, took the stage at the Washington Hilton yesterday for the United Jewish Communities debate, he went quickly on defense.

Actually, a source familiar with the situation tells JTA, the reason for the TBA was that Obama was hoping to be there himself.

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