Welcome to JTA’s philanthropy blog


Welcome to JTA’s philanthropy blog.

With the world of Jewish philanthropy rapidly expanding, JTA is going to be taking a deeper look at the money that makes our community’s organizational structure run.

How exactly we will do this is still a work in progress, but blogging will become an integral part of that coverage. In addition to covering Jewish giving in broad strokes through sweeping stories, we’d like to use this blog as the canvas on which we paint the details.

In the process, we hope to not only be breaking news and supplying analysis about the Jewish scene, but looking how it fits into the wider philanthropic landscape.

Alongside the blog, we’ll take a closer look at philanthropic trends and major happenings through our own longer stories. And we’d like to fill in the brushstrokes through a series of short stories about new programs, profiles on the funders and professionals behind them, and features on the people the help.

We’d also like to engage donors big and small and the organizations they fund – and sometimes don’t – in a discussion by inviting them to blog and write with us.

The ultimate goal is to make JTA a resource where you can find out who is giving what to where and why, and to turn this news site into the central clearinghouse for Jewish philanthropic news.

We’re starting off this new coverage with on-the-ground blogging at the Jewish Funders Network Conference in Jerusalem, which is one of the two most important annual conferences in the Jewish philanthropic world, along with the United Jewish Communities General Assembly.

We hope you enjoy and engage.

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