Ex-Prisoner of Zion appeals for Palestinian


A former Prisoner of Zion has launched a campaign to stay the execution of a condemned Palestinian.


Ida Nudel wrote to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on behalf of Ima’ad Sa’ad, who was sentenced to death this week by a Palestinian Authority military court. Sa’ad, 25, was convicted on charges that his assistance to Israeli security forces led to the killing of four Palestinian terrorists.


In a letter to Olmert, Nudel described the sentence as “inhuman” and demanded the suspension of any talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority until the execution is stayed. She also urged the suspension of Israeli and international aid to the Palestinian Authority, and appealed to the United Nations and the Vatican.


“If these diplomatic measures are not sufficient,” Nudel said in her letter, “Israel should employ its skilled military to launch a rescue operation for Ima’ad Sa’ad.”


Nudel is working on the case with the human-rights center Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Center. Two years ago, Nudel and the center successfully petitioned Israel’s High Court of Justice to help stay the execution of 50 Palestinians charged and convicted in Palestinian military courts of working with Israel’s security services.

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