Political Tidbits

  • Stephen Herbits, the former secretary general of the World Jewish Congress, a top adviser to Edgar Bronfman and a supporter of Hilary Clinton, predicts that Jewish Democrats will abandon Barack Obama for John McCain in November. (It’s a bit much to suggest that he’s representing Clinton on this, but is he speaking for Edgar?)
  • At least one hawkish Jew looks like he’s on the Obama bandwagon to stay: Marty Peretz gets all mushy about his recent, “longish” phone call with Obama, and seems pretty happy with what the candidate had to say. (Does he speak for Al?)
  • Jeffrey Goldberg, Andrew Sullivan and Jake Tapper all say GOP lawmakers are misrepresenting Obama’s recent comments about Israel.
  • A writer for the American Thinker takes aim at Obama’s rabbi neighbor/suppoter.
  • Pastor John Hagee – the McCain backer, AIPAC supporter and founder of Christians United for Israel – apologizes to Catholics and Catholic League president Bill Donohue – the person most responsible for Hagee’s negative publicity in recent months – accepts (the DNC on the other hand…). Click here to read Hagee’s full letter.
  • Congressman Robert Wexler works Florida for Obama.
  • Sid Dinerstein, chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party, says Obama “scares the Jewish community in Florida, and quite correctly.” The Jewish community, he added, “is not going to vote for a candidate who wants to sit down without preconditions with the guy who wants to cause the next Holocaust.”

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