Ex-refuseniks to Bush: Free Pollard


Former Soviet Prisoners of Zion implored President Bush to release Jonathan Pollard.

The letter from the 13 Jews who once languished in Soviet detention was timed for Bush’s visit this week to Israel to celebrate its 60th birthday.

The signatories, who include Ida Nudel and Yosef Mendelevitch, note that Pollard, a civilian U.S. Navy analyst imprisoned for life for spying for Israel, has served 21 years – more than any of them served in the Soviet Union.

“You, Mr. President, have the power now to correct this injustice, but only as long as two flames remain: the flame of the life of Jonathan Pollard and the flame of your term of office,” the letter says. “You have the opportunity to pardon Pollard and enter the history books as the one who removed this dark stain on the conscience of your country. This is an act of benevolence of the highest order, appropriate for the President of the world power, who supposedly stands for the struggle against world malice.”

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