Political Tidbits: Reactions to Bush’s Knesset speech

  • Nathan Diament of the O.U. was at the speech, and says he thought if Bush was talking about anybody it was Jimmy Cater, not Barack Obama.
  • Joe Lieberman applauded the speech.
  • John Kerry rips Bush in an article at TalkingPointsMemo. Joe Biden calls the speech “bullshit,” but, Politico’s Ben Smith reports, later said he should have stuck with malarkey.
  • NRO editor Kathryn Jean Lopez says Obama should get over himself – Bush could have been talking about any number of Democrats.
  • Conservative radio talkie Kevin James tells Christ Matthews that Bush was probably talking about Obama and should have been talking about Obama, since Obama wants to engage in Neville Chamberlain-style appeasement. Only one problem: It appears that James has no idea what happened in Munich.
  • Shmuel Rosner: “Meetings will not stop Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but neither will speeches in Knesset. Bush may not be as naive as Obama, but U.S. foreign policy under his leadership has failed time after time on the Iranian issue.”

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