Groups want Farm Bill veto override


Major Jewish groups plan to press for an override of President Bush’s veto of the Farm Bill.

The two major umbrella groups, United Jewish Communities and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, along with the Reform movement, have lobbied hard for the bill, which would increase minimums and expand eligibility for food stamps.

Bush opposes the bill in part because he says its subsidies for farmers distort the markets, a view shared by advocates for developing world farmers.

A JCPA blog acknowledged the bill’s flaws, but added: “Tell that to the millions of low-income Americans who will receive an increase in their food stamp benefit. Explain it to the millions more who will get increased relief from our nation’s food banks, even as food prices are inflating at an alarming rate.”

Both Houses overrode Bush’s veto last week, only to find that Bush had vetoed the wrong bill; the correct version will come up for votes, a veto and an override again next week after the Memorial Day recess.

In an action alert to its constituents, JCPA urged: “Call or visit with your members of Congress over the Memorial Day recess and urge them to finish the job of enacting the Farm Bill and overriding the President’s veto. Thank your Representatives who voted to override the veto and urge them to repeat their commitment to nutrition programs.”

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