Political Tidbits: Holocaust politics, Hagee & Joe, Weiner & Hillary hand

  • Menachem Rosensaft says stop using Holocaust to smear Barack Obama. And the ADL has something to say on the topic also.
  • The New York Daily News jumps on the “Zbigniew Brzezinski accuses Jewish groups of McCarthyism” story, quotes Obama camp saying that the Carter administration official “is not an adviser to our campaign” and and the Illinois senator “profoundly disagrees with the sentiments he expressed.”
  • New York magazine looks at Michael Bloomberg’s chances of ending up a vice-presidential candidate.
  • Joe Lieberman’s office dodges on whether he will be joining Pastor John Hagee at the Christians United for Israel conference in July. J Street has launched a petition calling on Lieberman to cut ties with Hagee.
  • Beliefnet editor Steven Waldman blogs for WSJ about the impact of the Hagee-McCain divorce, whether Hillary Clinton is hurting Obama and whether anyone but Obama could get away with distributing campaign literature with a big cross.
  • The New York Post thinks Obama is backpedaling from his willingness to meet with the Iranian president – if so, the paper says, it’s a good flip-flop.
  • U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner is a big backer of Clinton, but he likes here right-hand woman even more.

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