Political Tidbits: Bubba meisa?

  • John McCain gets help from a big Jewish donor.
  • Jim Besser of the Jewish Week looks at whether McCain’s decision to dump two prominent evangelicals will hurt him with Christian conservatives.
  • Charles Krauthammer says it tells you a lot about Barack Obama that he wants to be in commander in chief but doesn’t know more about Auschwitz (we wonder if CK used that standard in 2000).
  • Bernard Avishai suggests that right-wingers (especially ones who express admiration for Effi Eitam) should look in the mirror before trying to score points against Obama by playing connect the dots.
  • Talking politics at the Jewish Community Center in San Rafael.
  • The Forward’s Jennifer Siegel looks at whether the whole “Obama has a Jewish problem” thing is a bubba meisa.
  • Also in the Forward: AIPAC tells members to behave when the presidential candidates show up for the group’s big parley next week.

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