Political Tidbits: Obama and McCain on Iran, Hagee on the ‘partially Jewish’ anti-Christ

  • CBS argues that exit poll data suggests Jewish support for Hillary Clinton in Democratic primaries may not be a problem for Barack Obama in November.
  • Daniel Treiman, of the Forward’s Bintel Blog appears to catch J Street distorting the words of Pastor John Hagee, and wonders why – since there’s plenty of stuff he’s actually said that will offend people. Case in point: The HuffingtonPost reports that Hagee once predicted that the anti-Christ would be partially Jewish, “as was Adolph Hitler.”
  • Keith Olbermann gives John McCain an “Israelity Check.”
  • Remember Jeffrey Goldberg’s Middle East-focused Q & A with Obama? Well, now he’s posted a matching interview with McCain. Plenty of differences to digest (though I think Goldberg overstates some of them), but kudos (again) to Treiman for picking out the most important one: Obama likes Roth, McCain prefers Wouk.
  • The Wall Street Journal: Iran, more than the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, has emerged as the defining issue for candidates wooing Jewish-American voters.
  • The London Times wonders if Obama can be a friend to Israel if he speaks to Iran.
  • The New York Sun reports that in advance of Obama’s AIPAC speech, he seems to be moving closer to the GOP view on how and how not to deal with Tehran.
  • A new Gallup poll shows a majority of Americans think it’s a good idea to meet with Ahmadinejad.

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