The News Shticker: Nazi Dinosaurs & the Equestrian Sarah Jessica Parker

  • A group of Swedish neo-Nazis has recanted, marking their “conversion” with a visit to Yad Vashem yesterday.
  • Conservative British politician Lord Archer called Indian immigrants the UK’s “new Jews” – and not in a good way.
  • Haaretz reports on an online service that lets you email your prayers to the Kotel.
  • Segway inventor and friend-to-Israeli-innovation Dean Kamen has introduced his latest project: A robot arm for amputees.
  • The Filmonic blog has dug up an unusual D.C. Comics supervillain: A Nazi dinosaur named Tyrannosaurus Reich.
  • Finally, I feel a little guilty sharing this one because it’s just so mean, but it’s so popular one simply cannot ignore it: Sex & The City star/Jewess Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse.

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