Things about UJC you can find out on a bus: Federations balking at more aid for Sderot


The UJC has apparently been largely rebuffed in its efforts to raise another $13.6 million from local Jewish federations in North America for helping Sderot, Ashkelon and the surrounding cities.

The organization had already allocated more than $21 million for programming in the region from its Israel Emergency Campaign, started in the aftermath of Israel’s war in Lebanon in 2006. In March, the organization approved another $13.6 million for additional programming. The organization’s leadership sent out a letter to the federations making a soft pitch for the money, according to Jim Lodge, the organization’s VP of Global Operations: Israel & Overseas. But Lodge, who has been on a bus with the Fundermentalist for three days, said that the federations have been slow to react.

As of yet, they have given roughly $2.25 million, which the UJC has allocated to five projects. Further projects are on hold until the federations pony up.

And they have not, despite one big city exec’s suggestion to federations that they pay for the new programs with some of the money that they will be saving on reductions in their UJC dues.

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