Why Kabbalah?


Writing in the New York Sun, Lenore Skenazy uses the A-Rod-Madonna story to tackle the question of why celebrities are attracted to Jewish mysticism:

It happened to Madonna, it’s happening to A-Rod, and for a while it even happened to Britney. One reaches the pinnacle of fame, fortune, and truly fabulous muscle tone, and what’s left?


Okay, so it happens to be the most esoteric expression of Judaism since the goose-shaped chopped liver: Kabbalah, a practice many American Jews will never even encounter.

What does Kabbalah have to offer our superstars, and why should we care? What do those superstars have to offer each other, and why do we care? And why did Guy Ritchie, aka Mr. Madonna, dress his kids in Yankee gear over the weekend?

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