Obama taps L.A. federation, former AIPAC official


The Forward had a story earlier month about the Obama campaign lining up Jewish lawmakers in its outreach efforts.

Well now Team Obama has a new guy at the DNC to lead its Jewish fund-raising efforts: Keath Blatt, currently a bigwig at the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and a former AIPAC official. Here’s a snippet from his mass “I’m going to work for Obama” e-mail:

I am excited to inform you that starting Tuesday, July 22nd I will be working at the Democratic National Committee in D.C. as the National Jewish Community Finance Director for the Obama campaign. The opportunity fell into my lap and I am thrilled that it did. Those of you who are Democrats are probably delighted to read this. My dear Republican friends are likely less so…

With U.S.-Israel relations such a critical issue in the campaign, I look forward to working closely with many of you to ensure that support for Israel remains bipartisan.

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