Talansky tales


We’ve heard a lot of things about Long Island Jewish businessman Morris Talansky since he was linked two months ago to alleged financial improprieties involving Ehud Olmert. Now comes New York magazine with a piece offering more details about the “Great Neck macher.”

A transcript of secret tapes obtained by New York Magazine suggests that Talansky can indeed be willful and determined, and even threatening.

Among the details:

  • Talansky suggested that a debtor’s car would be bombed if he didn’t return money he owed Talansky.
  • Talansky sent three “goons” to the home of a debtor to intimidate him and his associates, including rabbis, whom Talansky felt had fleeced him.
  • And then, of course, there’s the stuff we already knew, like that Talansky is under investigation in Nassau County for allegedly assaulting his 84-year-old former dentist over a bill dispute.

    Back in Israel, Talasnky, 75, is scheduled to be cross-examined this week by Olmert’s lawyers.

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