The News Shticker: Reggie Jackson’s Jewish crack, Heeb’s Jewish swimsuit calendar

  • Reggie Jackson makes the mistake of cracking a Jewish joke (and an A-Rod one) – on tape. And now poor Ryan Braun is expected to play Abe Foxman instead of left field.
  • Heeb releases “The Ladies of ’69: The First-Ever Jewish Swimsuit Calendar” (as in 5769). (Someone is going to hell for this, but let’s hope its them for publishing it and not us for linking to it.) [UPDATE: JTA Managing Editor Uri Heilman says I need to loosen up, and adds: The real scandal is that Heeb only found six women – talk about an insult!]
  • Israel is on the lookout for Diaspora Jews who can play soccer.
  • Imagine if Ahamdinejad discovered he had Jewish roots – and embraced them.
  • A Jewish school in Liverpool tells the students to leave their unhealthy lunches at home.
  • The Jerusalem Post reports that a new movement is taking hold of the alternative music scene, with hundreds of Israeli bands singing in English in an attempt to achieve international recognition.
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