NCYI heading to Postville


On the heels of Sunday’s interfaith rally in Postville, the National Council of Young Israel has announced it is planning a mission of its own to the beleaguered Iowa town on July 31. Here’s the purpose of the trip, which will involve “several dozen Jewish community and rabbinic leaders,” according to NCYI’s Pesach Lerner:

This mission is meant to provide Jewish leaders from across the United States with a factual perspective of the true situation at the Agriprocessors plant, untainted by the rumors and innuendos that have been circulating in many circles. As one of the major producers of kosher meat in the U.S., the success or failure of Agriprocessors is an issue that will directly impact Jewish communities that purchase kosher meat and poultry across the country.  The situation warrants that we approach this with an open mind and obtain a first-hand account of the situation so that we can draw our own conclusion for the betterment of the American Jewish community.

The trip is to include a tour of the Agriprocessors plant, meetings with slaughterhouse officials – including newly hired compliance officer Jim Martin – as well the Postville’s mayor, who will take the group on a tour. Lerner and his troop might take the opportunity to ask the mayor about reports that Agriprocessors’ new hires are raising the town’s crime rates.

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