Non-profit CEO salaries are up


Despite all the talk that charities are in trouble because of the weakening economy and layoffs at non-profits, it does not yet appear that the people running those organizations are hurting.

According to a study released Aug. 1 by, the CEOs of non-profits actually saw an increase in salaries last year.

Overall, the average salary for a CEO of a non-profit was $148,972 last year, a 2.55 percent increase over the previous year.

Charities spent, on average, 3.32 percent of their budgets on the salaries of their top professional.

Salaries, as one might expect, break down according to the size of the organization, according to the reports. Organizations with total expenses greater than $13.5 million paid their CEOs an average of $266,430. Those with expenses of between $3.5 million and $13.5 million paid $142,939, and those with expenses under $3.5 million paid an average or $88,566.

Charitynavigator looked at CEO compensation at several different types of non-profits: education,
arts, culture and humanities; health; public benefit; international; religion; animals; and human services and environment.

Education, which includes universities – and their presidents – paid more than any other field.

The Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland paid its CEO more than any other Public Benefit Organization last year: $908,927.

The report also singled out the salaries of some other Jewish charities. The Simon Wiesenthal Center paid $249,215 to its president and CEO, and $203,291 to its membership director.

If you have some time, feel free to check out the data base on (If you work for a non-profit, it’s a pretty easy way to find out what your boss is making.)

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