Let’s get started with some grim, but familiar, news: Non-profits are hurting


Hey everybody… sorry there hasn’t been much on the blog the past few days. After CAJE ended, the Fundermentalist took a couple of Fundermental days to himself.

We’ve got a lot of catching up to do the next day or so, but I will have some more on CAJE, a post on an interesting initiative that Hazon’s Nigel Savage is trying to get off the ground and my weekly roundup of Jewish news.

But first let’s start off on a low note from the general world of philanthropy.

It seems that each week another local daily tackles the effect that the economy is having on philanthropy. Each is almost the same story: A colorful lede about a non-profit unable to make ends meet or a food bank whose shelves are empty, which opens into a story about how over the past months need has increased, while donations have decreased.

In the past week, the Baltimore Sun covered how non-profits in Maryland are suffering and the Las Vegas Sun discussed how the tanking gaming industry is hurting non-profits in Sin City. And in a semi-related story, the Associated Press looked at how charities created after 9/11 are hurting.

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