Charlie Wilson begs off war talk


The potential for an attack on Iran? That’s not Charlie Wilson’s war.

“I don’t think we should invade Iran tomorrow,” the former Texas Democratic congressman famed in print and on film for his efforts to rout the Soviets from Afghanistan told JTA. “I don’t think we should invade Russia. I’m a little concerned that the current administration is a bit trigger happy…” and then he trailed and begged off, noting that as a happy retiree in Texas all this war talk wasn’t his business anymore.

Wilson, in his time a leading congressional friend to Israel (who drew on the friendship to help arm the Afghan Mujahedeen) was attending the National Jewish Democratic Council’s Sunday evening convention launch, and there were a lot of friendly hugs and how are yous.

One overheard tidbit: Wilson told friends he thought Julia Roberts, who played Joanne Herring, the Texas socialite who financed his escapades and, um, enjoyed his company, got the role just right in the film of his exploits starring Tom Hanks. Herring is on the record as saying Roberts’ portrayal veered into unladylike behavior she would never have countenanced.

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