NJ Jews at Dem convention want unity


The little Jewish corner of the New Jersey delegation was hardly united in designation: two were delegates for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), two were for Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and one was an unpledged “superdelegate.”

They were united in opinion, however: The time had come to unify the party and back the presumptive nominee.

I asked the group what they expected from Clinton’s speech in a precious few minutes before ushers hustled me off the convention floor in Denver (reporters are allowed on the floor, but apparently are not permitted to report.)

“As a staunch and passionate supporter of Hillary Clinton, I have every confidence she will stress the importance of real change and the need to defeat John McCain,” said Steven Goldstein of Tenafly. (Clinton did, and judging from the reception, hit a home run.).

“We don’t want four more years of Republican rule,” agreed another Clinton delegate, Pat Sebold of Livingston. The others nodded in agreement.

After thinking a bit, Goldstein felt he needed to add a caveat – but not about Clinton’s speech. Anticipating Obama’s acceptance speech Thursday night, he said: “As a Jewish delegate, I would like him to touch on Israel. Am I a one issue voter? No. But that issue is paramount to me.”

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