Palin was there


Pastor Larry Kroon confirmed to JTA today that Sarah Palin was present in church on Aug. 17 when a representative from Jews for Jesus gave a sermon describing how successful his group has been at converting Israelis and how the Middle East is in turmoil today because the locals don’t accept Jesus.

Kroon said Palin had no way of knowing the speaker was on the docket for that day. He also said he would not presume that Palin shares all, or any, of the speaker’s ideas.

He did say, however, that he disagrees with the Jewish groups who feel there’s something fraudulent in telling Jews there’s no contradiction in being a believer in Jesus and professing Judaism: “I don’t feel it’s deceptive. Look at Paul and Peter and the others – they were Jews and believed in Jesus as the messiah. There’s gentile believers and there’s Jewish believers that acknowledge Jesus as messiah. There’s Swedish believers.”

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