Pigs. Jews. Saints. Can’t wait for the debate with Franken.


Sen. Norm Coleman (DR-Minn.), welcoming the Republican national convention to his home state on Tuesday, managed to get Jews, pigs and St. Paul into the first three sentences of his speech.

“Good evening, and welcome to Pig’s Eye, Minnesota. That’s right, we were called Pig’s Eye until a Catholic priest built a wooden chapel a few steps from here dedicated to St. Paul. Although I am a person of the Jewish faith, I often reference St. Paul. And as former mayor of this city that was named for him, I proudly welcome you to my city of St. Paul.”

Umm, was Norm a little caffeinated? Or should we save that line for Orrin Hatch….

Incidentally, here’s the colorful explanation for St. Paul’s original name.

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