The intermarriage party


You know you’ve been in this business (Jewish journalism) too long when … the rest of the country is taking in Joe Biden’s tragic/inspiring story of losing his first wife and a baby daughter in a car crash, then managing to press ahead with his political career and raise his other children – but the only family detail you care about is that one of his sons married into a Jewish family.

And if you think that’s bad, here’s what flashed through my head next:

  • Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s only child is seriously involved with a Jewish guy.
  • One of Al Gore’s daughters is married to a Schiff
  • One of Nancy Pelosi’s daughters is married to a Jewish guy.
  • Harry Reid married a Jewish woman (they both eventually converted to Mormonism – read more here).
  • Howard Dean is married to a Jewish woman – and lights the menorah.

For those keeping score, that’s the top Democrat in the House of Representatives, the top Democrat in the Senate, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, the most recent Democratic president and first lady, the most recent Democratic vice president, and the current vice presidential candidate. All we’re missing is the One, but to be fair the Obama children haven’t even reached Bat Mitzvah age – give ’em time (until then, be happy with the news that Michelle Obama has a cousin who’s a rabbi).

Back to Biden… he played up his Jewish connection Tuesday, during a town hall in South Florida packed with Jewish seniors:

“Look, my son married – and matter of fact, her, uh – my son married into the Berger family,” he said, referring to his son Beau Biden’s marriage to the former Hallie Berger. “We’re going to be mishpokhe before this all is over, I promise you.”

In general, I’m not sure whether that’s the best crowd for boasting about the whole intermarriage thing (though I have a hunch that many in the audience would be more comfortable with a Biden marrying in than, say, an Obama). I’d be especially reticent during this campaign, given the Internet track record of the anti-Obama forces.

Forget the Muslim stuff, I can see the new conspiratorial e-mail: Stop the Democratic plot to destroy the Jews with intermarriage. Every time a Democrat wins, another Jewish family loses. And with those two precious Obama girls, this year it’s likely to cost us two good Jewish boys.

Of course, for Jewish paranoids – I’m sure there are only a few of them out there, but they all seem to have my e-mail address – it’s a tough choice: Do you prefer a party whose goyim want to marry us or convert us?

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