Fred Baron, Edwards fund-raiser, dies
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Fred Baron, Edwards fund-raiser, dies

Fred Baron, a top Jewish fund-raiser for John Edwards,  has died.

Baron, a Texan who was known as the "King of Torts" for his 30 years as a plaintiffs’ attorney representing clients injured by toxic substances, died Oct. 30 of cancer. He was 61.

In an interview in August, National Jewish Democratic Council chairman Marc Stanley said Baron had hosted a number of events sponsored by Dallas Jewish organizations at his home and called his friend "an exceedingly generous person" who "supports more people and causes than any individual I’ve ever met — only because I’ve never met Bill Gates." Stanley said Baron had always been motivated by "tikkun olam," or repair of the world.

Baron’s name was in the news in August after it was revealed that he had provided financial help to Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter.

Baron is credited with providing the finances to help revive the Texas Democratic Party in recent years.