Bronfman backs Obama


The former head of the World Jewish Congress endorsed Barack Obama.

Longtime Jewish philanthropist Edgar Bronfman wrote in an article posted on the Huffington Post Web site that he’s backing Obama because of his admiration for the Democratic nominee and his running mate, Joe Biden, and his "disdain" for the John McCain-Sarah Palin ticket.

McCain "cannot provide what Israel needs most — a respected, credible, morally strong America," Bronfman wrote. "Barack Obama is the candidate who can restore America’s moral authority in the world and position our government to help negotiate peace."

Bronfman, a supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton during the Democratic primaries, added that Obama "can inspire much-needed support for Israel among this next generation of American Jews. He reflects their idealism and speaks in the language of hope they understand."

He also said that McCain’s selection of Palin was "the towering example of his poor judgment."

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