Student project in Melbourne school glorifies Hitler


A hand-drawn swastika and text appearing to glorify Hitler were displayed on a school notice board in Melbourne, sparking outrage from the Jewish community.

The Education Department is investigating the Oct. 31 incident, which appeared in a junior high school in an inner-city suburb, according to the Herald Sun newspaper.

“Germany has many great things about it, but I will start with only one: Adolf Hitler,” wrote one of the children. “Hitler was one of Germany’s . . . most powerful dictators ever.”

John Searle, the chairman of B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission, said in a statement he was “deeply concerned” that neither the principal nor any of the teachers were offended by the poster.

“It was only after concerned parents intervened that the poster was apparently removed,” he said.

He said further Holocaust education was required at schools.

But Principal Megan Smith defended the work. “Perhaps some of the wording is unfortunate, however it does not in any way glorify Hitler or the Nazis,” she told the Herald Sun. “We do not condone what Hitler or the Nazis did. I am sure no offense was meant."

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