Recount? It’s on, baby




The Republican Jewish Coalition has issued an all-points appeal to volunteers to help observe a recount of votes in the Minnesota Senate race.

U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) is ahead in the count, but by less than a half of one percent, triggering an automatic recount of his race against his Democratic challenger, Al Franken, the comedian. (Both men are Jewish, one of several such races this season.)

"Team Coleman," RJC says in an email, must "locate 150-200 people who can take personal time from their respective jobs and lives and be deployed on behalf of Senator Coleman." Donations are also welcome because "deployed representatives can expect proper reimbursement and handling of travel expenses."

A brutal end to a brutal race – the candidates threw everything they could at each other, including allegations of corruption and vulgarity.

Coleman has declared himself the winner, calling on Al to allow the "healing process" to kick in. And of course, Coleman (above) says he would "step back" if the tables were turned.

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