Political tidbits: Future at Senate Foreign Relations, future for Lieberman

  • What’s in store for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee under a John Kerry, or possibly Russ Feingold, chairmanship? Hilary Lelia Krieger in the Jerusalem Post has some speculation.
  • Rahm Emanuel is the embodiment of the "new 21st century American Jew," selected "for his skills and experience" but "still unabashedly Jewish in every way," writes Anshel Pfeffer in Haaretz.
  • The London Telegraph rounds up some of the negative reaction to Emanuel in the Arab world.
  • Tzipi Livni tells Jewish leaders that "dramatic" intervention in Middle East peace talks by Barack Obama isn’t necessary, just a backing of the parameters laid out last year in Annapolis, reports Reuters.
  • The Forward’s Brett Lieberman looks at the different fates of two promient Jewish backers of John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Eric Cantor.
  • If Joe Lieberman does keep his current position in the Democratic Party, don’t expect him to cause Obama much trouble, write The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder and The New Republic’s Jason Zengerle.
  • David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Matt Brooks, Jeremy Ben-Ami, Eric Cantor and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz are some of the politicos who made the Forward 50 this year.
  • Axelrod, Emanuel, Larry Summers and Penny Pritzker are among the Jewish names on The New Republic’s O-List, the "30 people who matter most" in Obama Washington.
  • Joe Biden will also have a Jewish chief of staff, Ron Klain — who served the same role for Al Gore. In a New York Times article on the "December Dilemma" last year, Klain said he and his non-Jewish wife struck a deal when they got married: They would raise their kids Jewish, but also put up a Christmas tree.
  • Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State? That’s the latest rumor, and Politico has details on their apparent secret meeting yesterday.
  • Another lawsuit in the Franken-Coleman race, this time over rejected absentee ballots.

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