Political Tidbits: Nader has Carter’s back, the next White House Jewish liaison

  • Ralph Nader is disturbed by reports that Barack Obama optned not grant Jimmy Carter a spekaing slot at the Democratic convention because of his view on on Israel: "Carter — the early peacemaker between Israel and Egypt (for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize) — has remained the most steadfast, prominent American friend that the Israeli and Palestinian peoples have in securing a stable peace in that region. The new president should welcome Carter’s wise and seasoned counsel."
  • The Forward’s Brett Lieberman reports on the race to be the next White House Jewish liaison: "Among those said to be in the running for the liaison job are Eric Lynn, an Obama foreign policy adviser and Obama’s No. 2 Jewish coordinator during the campaign; Josh Kram, who was Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Jewish coordinator and later organized Obama’s Jewish efforts in Virginia; U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler’s former foreign policy adviser, Halie Soifer, who led Obama’s Jewish efforts in Florida; Mira Kogen Resnick, who is the legislative director for U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, a Florida Democrat, and reportedly has strong ties to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, and Amtrak deputy general counsel Jonathan Meyer, former Senate counsel to Biden."
  • The Minnnesota Star Ledger says the run-up in ballot challenges makes it hard to figure out who’s really winning in the Franken-Coleman race: "Each candidate’s vote total has fallen by more than 1,100 since the recount began, and the bulk of the drop apparently is the result of ballot challenges by the other side, which may or may not be upheld by the state Canvassing Board next month. Each campaign has challenged more than 1,500 ballots."
  • Peretz and Peres don’t mix. Here’s what Marty Peretz, the New Republic head honcho, had to say about the Israeli president’s claims regarding prior conversations with Obama: "The fact is that Peres is a liar, actually a mythomaniac."

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