Metaphors and foreign policy


At first read, the Obama transition’s national security team (scroll down) looks very, very good to the pro-Israel traditionalists in this town.

I run down the reasons here, but let me put it this way, there are a number of Jewish summer camps that are about to shpritze naches for their alumni…

I’m reaching for metaphors here, drawing from other naturally partisan issues: Let’s say you’re a Coen brothers fan, and you attend a film festival and it includes Barton Fink and Fargo, but nary a de Palma film in sight. Or you’re passionate about the 1970s Montreal Canadiens, and you stop in at a roadside Hockey Hall of Fame, and there’s a Ken Dryden sweater and a Jean Beliveau helmet, but it’s as if Bobby Orr never existed. Or you’re partial to Brooklyn style pizza and you happen into a pizzeria and no dish is deeper than your conversation with the waitress…

You get what I mean. It’s a foreign policy free for all, but when it comes to Middle East policy, it looks like only one side turned up.

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