Fundermentalvision: The Lean Years seminar live from the Samuel Bronfman Foundation


Tune in to The Fundermentalist at 6 p.m., when we will broadcast live a seminar from the Samuel Bronfman Foundation in New York on how start-up Jewish non-profits can weather weak economic times.

The program will consist of four presentations from experts in various fields who will offer different perspectives on this economic crisis and how it may affect the small, Jewish entrepreneurial organization non-profit sector.

The seminar will feature Hildy Simmons, a 25-year veteran of corporate philanthropy at JP Morgan, Jay Leipzig, a professional fundraiser who has worked in various capacities in the Jewish community, David Ben-Ur, a portfolio manager at hedge fund-of-funds and Yossi Raucher, Consultant at the Financial Institutions Group of McKinsey & Company.

The event is co-sponsored by Natan.

The video will be available below or by clicking here.

[UPDATE] The recording of last night’s event is now available below.

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