‘Jewish pride’ march postponed


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Police postponed a controversial "Jewish pride" march through an Arab-Israeli town in northern Israel.

In a letter to the organizers, police cited "operational considerations" for Sunday’s decision to delay the march through Umm el-Fahm scheduled for the next day, the Jerusalem Post reported. The march was to be led by right-wing activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir. 

Police had received intelligence information that violent riots were expected and that Arab extremists planned to fire at the marchers, Ynet reported.

The organizers had won the right to march after Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled in their favor in October. The court said, however, that the march could not be held until after municipal elections in November, and police changed the route away from the center of town.  

Umm el-Fahm leaders have said they will not allow the march.

Jewish groups, including the left-wing Meretz Party, the Kibbutz Movement and Peace Now, and local regional councils have called on Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter to cancel the march.

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