Leaflet: Mumbai Chabad attack ‘God’s punishment’


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The terror attack on the Mumbai Chabad House was a punishment from God, a leaflet said.

The leaflet distributed over the weekend in Jerusalem by the anti-Zionist, fervently Orthodox Neturei Karta group said the attack was God’s punishment for Chabad’s work with "Zionist" Israelis, the Israeli news site Ynet reported Monday.

The leaflet criticized Chabad for hosting both religious and secular Jews without distinguishing "between good and evil, right and wrong, pure and impure, a Jew and a convert, a believer and a heretic," Ynet reported.

The article also criticized Chabad for inviting the heads of state of Israel to the funeral of Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg, two of six Jews killed last month during a terrorist siege of Mumbai that included the take-over of the Mumbai Chabad House.

The writer warned Chabad that "the road you have taken is the road of death and it leads to doom, assimilation and the uprooting of the Torah."

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