Peres kindles Chanukah lights in Sderot


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s president lit the fourth Chanukah candle in Sderot in a show of solidarity with the beleaguered southern community.

Shimon Peres held a candlelighting ceremony with hundreds of children and other residents of Sderot.

“In Gaza they light rockets, and in Sderot we light candles," Peres said. "We are a persevering people; we are a people with moral fortitude."

The president took the stage to sing Chanukah songs with the children.

“I came to wish you all a happy Chanukah holiday on behalf of all of the people of Israel, and to thank you," Peres said. "You stand today on the front lines for Israel, and your steadfastness is our strength.”

Earlier in his visit, Peres inaugurated a new production line at an Osem food production factory that will provide 80 jobs for residents of Sderot.

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