Israeli naval ship hits Gaza-bound boat


(JTA) — An Israeli naval ship collided with a boat carrying activists and journalists attempting to reach Gaza.

The boat, owned and operated by the International Solidarity Movement, which was also carrying more than three tons of medical aid, docked instead in Tyre, Lebanon, with a hole in its hull.

Free Gaza Movement activists aboard the aid boat, which did not respond to radio contact from the Israeli navy saying it was entering a closed military zone, claim that the navy ship fired on the small cabin cruiser, Reuters reported. The Israeli Foreign Ministry told Reuters that its ship did not fire any weapons.

Crews from Al-Jazeera and CNN, a former United States congresswoman, two doctors and a Cypriot parliament member who is also a doctor were reportedly on board the boat.

Four other boats full of activists and supplies have been permitted by Israel to dock in Gaza port without incident since August.

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