Israel bombs Gaza mosque storing rockets


(JTA) –Israel’s air force bombed a mosque in Gaza City used to store rockets.

The mosque bombed Wednesday afternoon was also used as a staging ground for launching rockets and missiles, according to a statement from the IDF spokesman’s office. The most recent launch from the mosque occurred Wednesday morning, according to the IDF.

The strike, undertaken after significant intelligence confirmed that munitions were stockpiled in the mosque, caused the Kassam rockets and long-range Grad missiles stored in the mosque to explode.

"The IDF will continue to attack any target used for terrorist activity and will not hesitate to strike those involved in terrorism against the citizens of the State of Israel even if they cynically choose to operate from locations of religious or cultural significance," the IDF statement read.

Meanwhile, at least 12 Palestinians were permitted to enter Israel Wednesday for medical treatment, including three children.

Also on Wednesday, 93 trucks carrying about 2,500 tons of food and medical supplies entered Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing, according to the Defense Ministry.

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