Rumble in Midtown


They’re not gonna take it any more.

Fuel for Truth, an "edgy" non-profit that takes its pro-Israel advocacy straight up with a twist, is promising a "radical" demonstration today in front of FOX News (Why FOX ?!? Was the sidewalk in front of the New York Times already spoken for?).

Here’s this, from the media advisory they sent out this morning.

“On the street, young people are angry,” says Joe Richards, Fuel For Truth’s Executive Director. “We’re tired of watching our leaders’ compromise…and we’re not going to take it any more.”

All of the rally’s attendees will be between the ages of 18-35. “It is falling on young people to say what no one else will,” says Alicia Post, a 30 year-old Manhattan resident who plans to attend. “You know what? Good for Israel for eliminating these murderous terrorists! Israel not only has a right to defend her citizens, but a duty to protect them.”

Fuel For Truth makes no promise for a quiet demonstration. Says Richards, “Israel is at war, America is at war, and we are going to make people around us feel the fight, really feel it.”

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