U.N. jobs available, via the O.U.


One can only speculate about the thinking behind the United Nations appeal for personnel to … the Orthodox Union. A press release from the union today announces vacancies for 12 jobs the U.N. is advertising through its job board.

Here are two possibilities: The U.N. is essentially clueless about how it’s percieved in the more hawkish realms of the Jewish world. Alternatively, maybe the U.N. thinks times are so bad that it can attract some talent from a community where many feel the organization has an unhealthy obssession with the supposed crimes of Israel.

Either way, apply now. The lowest paying gig will net you $138,000. Evidently, the U.N. is one New York organization that didn’t invest its moulah with Bernie Madoff.

A selection of jobs available, according to the O.U. You can apply here.

Social Affairs Expert
Duty Station: Addis Ababa/New York
Remuneration: $140,000

Chief Medical Officer
Duty Station: Addis Ababa/ New York
Remuneration: $160,000

Chief of Branch
Duty Station: New York
Remuneration: $182,000

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