Holocaust redux in Gaza?


If only we could agree to a moratorium on comparing the Gaza situation to the Holocaust, the world might be a better place, no?

Consider these. First, Max Blumenthal’s harsh (if entertaining) portrayal of the pro-Israel supporters who came out Sunday to demonstrate in front of the Israeli Consulate on 42nd Street in Manhattan. Take a look at the interview that starts at 4:09.

I have to believe that if Blumenthal tried just a little harder, he might be able to find some Israel supporters to interview who don’t come off as a little unhinged. But if that truly proves to be impossible, he might at least consider a quick jaunt to Belgium to interview the folks at this rally organized by — brace yourselves — three of the four main political parties in the French-speaking part of the country, as well as 100 NGOs . (Warning: It’s all in French. But our sources on the continent tell us the crowd was chanting "Death to Jews" and "Israel is a terrorist, criminal, barbaric and Nazi nation.")

And finally, just in case you think those invoking the Holocaust are totally devoid of humor and creativity, here’s one pro-Israel group’s take on the world’s reaction to Gaza (Note: This is a joke!)

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