ZOA: Backers of Gaza withdrawal should apologize


WASHINGTON (JTA) — The Zionist Organization of America called on Israeli and U.S. supporters of the 2005 Gaza withdrawal to apologize.

Noting the "past three years of rapid security deterioration in the southern part of Israel," ZOA President Morton Klein said in a statement that "in these circumstances, it is high time for all MKs, journalists and others, regardless of party affiliation, who supported the process of unilateral withdrawal to apologize to the Israeli electorate. They should explain that they now understand the disastrous consequences of unilateral concessions to an unreconstructed Palestinian terror regime.

"Doing so would help restore public trust in the Knesset and the political system and be the best demonstration of honesty and the willingness of political figures to stand accountable to the electorate for mistaken and failed policies which they advocated," he said.

The statement provides a list of quotes from Israeli politicians who backed the Gaza withdrawal and points to a Tuesday column by Ha’aretz columnist Nadav Shragai also asking for an apology. The organization argues that the Israeli public "voted overwhelmingly" against a Gaza withdrawal in 2003, when Labor Party prime minister candidate Amram Mitzna, who campaigned on a platform of unilateral withdrawal, was soundly defeated.

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