UNRWA chief calls for legal accountability


(JTA) — Palestinians must see legal accountability for the Gaza Strip war, the UNRWA chief said.

"The extremists here — there are more now at the end of this conflict than there were at the start, that’s the product of such conflict — are very confident in their rhetoric that there should be no expectation that justice will be delivered through the rule of law," John Ging, the Irish national who heads the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the body that administers assistance to Palestinian refugees, told a news conference in Geneva, according to Reuters.

"Now we must prove that wrong,"  said Ging, who was speaking on the phone from Gaza.

He said there were "legitimate allegations" of wrong-doing on both sides, but added that he that believed Israel targeted civilian infrastructure as well as legitimate military targets associated with Hamas, the terrorist group that controls Gaza and that launched the war last  month.

Israel and Hamas each unilaterally declared cease-fires last month

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