Robertson sees Armageddon in Jerusalem struggle


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Pat Robertson said Armageddon would be a "battle" over who controls Jerusalem.

Robertson on a broadcast Monday of his "700 Club" television show said he is "adamantly opposed" to the division of the city.

Armageddon, he said, is "not going to be fought at Megiddo" but will be the "battle of Jerusalem," when "the forces of all nations come together and try to take Jerusalem away from the Jews."

"Jews are not going to give up Jerusalem — they shouldn’t — and the rest of the world is going to insist they give it up," he said.

Robertson added that Jerusalem is a "spiritual symbol that must not be given away" because "Jesus Christ the Messiah will come down to the part of Jerusalem that the Arabs want," and that’s "not good."

Robertson also said that he had spoken recently with Israeli prime minister candidate Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Likud Party leader told him that Jerusalem was "non-negotiable."

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