It’s not just a Jewish thing with Debbie


U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a rising Democratic star – elected barely four years ago, she’s already a major party fund-raiser, on the powerful Appropriations Committee and a deputy whip.

She’s also earned a special place in the hearts of the Jewiish intercessors with Congress; her strong background on the issues means she can speak knowledgably off the cuff about Israel, health care and other issues that exercise the community. Plus, she was the principal driver behind legislation establishing Jewish History Month.

It might not just be us: President Barack Obama is in Fort Myers, Fla. pitching his stimulus plan and, as is customary, he began with a shout out to lawmakers in the audience.

DWS by far scored highest on the applause-o-meter, and this isn’t even her district – Fort Myers is in Republican Connie Mack’s district.

That’s consistent with her reception at an inauguration party she hosted with fellow Jewish Floridians and Congress members, Robert Wexler and Ron Klein: No one drew the crowds and snapshot seekers that she did.

Other Jewish Congress members present at Obama’s speech (and getting their own cheers, albeit not as loud): Klein, Wexler and Alan Grayson.

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